Object Art and Installations

Some Pieces have been Out in the Wild. Munich, 2021-2022. 
Videos: see #gwen2go on instagram

Take a Selfie. Fake a Selfie. Du Held.

Munich, 2021/2022.
Medical Masks, Cardboard, Acrylic Paint.

Call me Moby.
Dream of Peace.

Munich 2022.
Wallpaper Paste and various materials. 

Flying out. People.

Munich 2021.

Living in Tents. Always.

Munich, 2021 (Now Missing). 
Cardboard, Wallpaper Paste, Acrylic Paint and more. 


What about Ghosts?

Munich, 2021.
Wallpaper Paste, Wire, Umbrella and more.

Homeoffice Heart

Munich, 2021.