This is  the Homepage of 
Gwentheman - alias
A. Gwen, Angelika Gwen 
or Gwen Geli

Munich/Germany  - 2024

Human - Artist - Social Scientist - Mum

My Artworks 

Paintings - Drawings - Gwen2Go-Objects and Installation - Photography -  and else


Acrylic Paintings and others (Guache, Aquarelle) on Canvas or Paper, sometimes on Cardboard


Diary of a Hedgehog - Sketches and other Drawings

Object Art

Gwen2go-Objects (Street Installations: Mobilés, Paper Maché, Cardboard-Works) and other Object Art (Wire, Clay,  Findings from the Outside or from Daily Life) 


Nature, City and Surrealistic Pieces 

Street Art Photography

 Taking shots, whenever time is on my side. 

Artsy and Childish Stuff

Taking shots, whenever time is on my side.